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There is not a person on Earth that does not want to look absolutely their best on the day of their wedding, which is one of the most important days in anyone's life. Besides finding the right bridal shop for your dream dress, or a tuxedo parlor for your dream suit, or selecting your floral arrangements, one last minute detail that will help insure that you are looking fly on your wedding day is getting a fresh tan. After all the planning and efforts that you have put into the wedding, you should treat yourself to an invigorating tan at your local salon. If you are not a person that regularly visits a local tanning salon, or simply looking for a different salon, do not fret, because Grand Rapids has plenty of great tanning salons. Below is a guide which should serve to make this phase easier for you, after all, it is supposed to be a reward!

For the first step you will want to begin your search with the recommendations of your friends, family, and colleagues. It may also behoove you to ask the venue coordinator of the reception hall you have booked for the recommendations, they may have an established rapport with a particular local tanning salon. It is worth cross referencing these candidates online via wedding directories or guide websites as these sources provide users invaluable information on wedding vendors, including details on pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, etc.! The best tanning salons are interested in marketing themselves via any means available, so it follows that the best tanning salons will have individual websites in which you can peruse, and get a feel for how they present themselves. This is not too complicated, just mark down the ones that really strike your fancy, and go visit them. It is easy to ascertain their prices online, but you will never get a good understanding of the condition that their equipment is in if you do not visit the shop, too.

Once you have a list of salons to visit, the next step is to head out, and visit each location. When you get there, ask the attendant if you can see their equipment. If for some reason they say no, then there really is no point in continuing the visit after that. The equipment should be in good condition, and most importantly, it should be immaculately clean! If you are mysophobic, it is essential to ask the attendant the details about their cleaning procedures, what chemicals they use, and how many times a day they are cleaned. Generally, most machines are cleaned off after each client's usage of them, but be sure the tanning salon you are at does not cut any corners. Once you cover the equipment, you can ask about the cost.

If you are a person that is sensitive to UV ray exposures, or just not comfortable with tanning booths in general, you should consider an option that is rising quickly in popularity called “spray tanning”. It is a temporary tan that can be applied on the day of your wedding, and if necessary, will wash off that night depending on the quality of spray tan you purchase. Choosing your tanning salon is very straightforward, just treat it as if it is your reward, and the right one will stick out to you.

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