Wedding Jewelry

Many people pick their wedding jewelery at the last minute. Bad idea! Do not make this mistake. Choosing a good jewelery store takes a lot of careful consideration. The stores are all in competition for your business, so you have to find the store that offers the best quality to meet your budget. Always remember less is more when it comes to choosing wedding jewelery. The main focus should be you and your gown, not your accessories. When seeking a good jeweler and jewelery store, you might need a little bit of help and that is where we come in. Follow this guide and finding a good jewelery store will be painless and productive.

To begin your search, we recommend talking to any vendors that you have already hired. The wedding world is a very tight community and there is a very good chance that they will have a name to push your way. Use the internet to your advantage, it has been proven to be the be leading tool you have to your advantage. Use your favorite search engine and simply type “jewelery stores near me” into the search bar. The stores in your area will instantly appear. The great thing about most search engines is that they usually offer reviews from former, and present clients.

Once you have found a few jewelery stores you are considering, call and schedule showings. Be clear on your budget. When you arrive for a showing, a good jeweller will have an array of pieces for you to look at. They should all be within your budget. Never choose a jewelery store that attempts to get you to purchase items out of your budget. This shows they are only concerned about their own agenda, rather than giving you good service. A good jeweler can help you match pieces with your wedding attire. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask where the jewels come from ask about the cut, as well as the metals used. Educate yourself on jewelery and what makes a piece quality. Bring a third party appraiser before you make any jewelery purchase. Do not just take the stores word for it. You want to ensure you are getting the best quality your budget allows. Always ask about jewelery maintenance. Most established stores offer cleaning once or twice a year. When making any large purchase read and understand the warranty policy. This is important in case anything goes wrong.

Choosing a good jeweler and jewelery store can be quite difficult. Remember to do your research and make sure you are getting the best quality your budget can provide. Lucky for you Grand Rapids has various credible jewelers and jewelery stores to discover. We wish you well with your search.

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