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If you're planning a wedding, there are many things on your checklist that you need to spend careful consideration on. One of those crucial items is the invitation cards, as they will carry all the important details of your wedding to your guests. It is fairly obvious that if you are not diligent with regard to these cards, you may have a pretty sparse wedding, and as you know, no one wants the dance floor at their reception to be a ghost town other than for your old Uncle Mort that smells like a fart doing the “stanky leg” while you and your wedding party look on in horror. But do not fret too much, because while the process does take some deliberation, Las Vegas is chocked full of resources for you to get the job done including professional stationers, calligraphers, and print shops. We have some tips below to help you with your invitation cards.

Our first tip is to correlate the theme and color of your overall wedding, particularly your venue, and try to correlate it as best as possible into the invitation cards. You want the cards to match the elegance and sophistication of the locations you have booked, and you really ought to match the colors and styles of the arrangements and whatever décor you've chosen already. You will find that cards come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and envelopes. Generally speaking, invitations are rectangular in shape and measure around four and a half inches by six and a quarter inches. It is up to preference, but keep in mind production and shipping costs will fluctuate depending on the value of the measurement.

The theme and dimensions are not the only aesthetic qualities you need to consider in regards to your cards. The most important element is the information on the card, and subsequently, how it is presented via the typeface. If you need some help, there are wording guides on the internet, typically on wedding guide sites. In regards to the information on the card, we suggest you avoid crowding the card with unimportant details, and stick with the crucial components such as RSVP information, date and time, dress code, and the name of the couple. If you have the budget space, we suggest going to a professional for any assistance. Professional calligraphers and stationers will help make suggests, and tie the style of your wedding into the style of the cards with relative ease compared to if you had to do it on your own. If you do not have the budget space, we suggest getting accustomed to Adobe illustrator or photoshop, or a specific wedding invitation card generating software.

Once you produce a proof of your invitations, get a friend to read it over for grammar or information errors and suggestions. Before you decide on placing the bulk order, make sure the entire cost of the production and shipping of the invitations will not wreak havoc on your budget. Be sure you have correct addresses and postage, it helps to weigh one complete invitation for an accuracy sake. Always order extra cards in case of clerical or user error! Take care of the small details diligently, and then ship those bad boys out. If your guests are as diligent as you are, they will get those RSVP's out to you in no time!

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