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When looking for a Wedding DJ, you may find that there is more to the process than you thought there would be. This is true on many levels. Don't take this choice for granted. This is not the kind of decision that you can just run your finger down a list and stop on someone that will be necessarily good for your wedding reception. The Grand Rapids area has some really fine DJ talent, you just have to find one of these and book them. When looking for your Wedding DJ, you will want to concentrate on a few essential issues in order to find the perfect one for you.

The very first factor you want to consider is how long the DJ has been in business. If it is a start up business or if they have only been doing it for less than two years, we suggest moving on to another candidate. Many businesses fail in their early years, you want to seek out someone who has a track record. Someone who has been in business for awhile and who has been able to build up a clientele shows you that they must have something to offer.

Find out if a DJ has won any awards or been presented any certificates. If they have put a lot of work into their craft and been recognized by institutions for outstanding work, this could go a long way in showing you what their work means to them and the fact that they care about quality. If they have not won any awards, we are not saying that is a deal breaker, but merely that the award winners puts them in another category that might be worth a little more consideration.

Another key factor to consider is: references, references, and references. You want to find out what people who have worked with a candidate have to say about them. Ask them for references from recent weddings. If they can't provide you with three or four from the last six months, then cross them off of your potential DJ list. For those that do give you references, make sure you call each one and have a nice long chat about what the experience was like to work with the DJ you are considering. Make sure they were completely satisfied and try to probe into any problem areas that might nix the deal for you. If the DJ gives you names but tells you that you cannot call the references, then there is probably something wrong and you want to move on to another candidate.

Lastly, you want to make sure you have a face to face meeting with a potential DJ before you make any kind of decision. Do not let anyone pressure you into booking them or putting down a deposit before you actually meet them. You have specific needs and wants and you want a chance to talk these over in person and at the same time check out the candidate's personality. It is in a face to face meeting that you can see if they are really interested in making your wedding the best it can be or if they only care about getting a check and moving on. You want someone who takes pride in what they do and who wants to make you happy.

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