Wedding Caterers

An imperative aspect relating to the planning of a wedding is what will be served at the reception, and moreover, who will be tasked to prepare and serve it. It should come as no surprise that most couples spend a huge portion of their total wedding budget on the catering service, so the emphasis is then put on finding the right candidate to do the job. You will need to work with a true professional with plenty of experience in weddings and comes with a plethora of critical acclaim in order to avoid something you might see off of a show that kitchen savior Gordon Ramsey hosts. There are plenty of details to cover in this stage, but think of all the delicious food you will be sampling in your search through Grand Rapids for the right candidate. Do not worry, there are plenty of great caterers out there, you will definitely find the one. Here are some tips to help make this a smoother process.

The first tip we have is to start your search with the recommendations of your friends, family, and trusted colleagues, specifically, anyone who has been recently married, or involved in a wedding in some facet. It is also advisable to ask the coordinator of the reception hall if they have any recommendations as some venues have an exclusive or preferred list of vendors they work with. You may want to call or go online to the International Caterers Association and the National Association of Catering Executives, as they are great sources to find professional wedding caterers in your area. You should also go to wedding directories on the web, and cross reference from there. These websites provide each user with valuable information on vendors including pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, etc.

Now that you have a list of candidates that you are interested in, call them and ask their availability around the date of your wedding. You should only schedule interviews with the candidates that are not booked or not very busy around the time of your wedding. During the appointments with each candidate, you will want to scope out their shop. The shop should be organized and presented in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Their shop should also be clean, and everything from the roof to the staff should pass health codes and state and federal laws. You will also want to sample as much of the menu items as much as you humanly are able to, and see if the candidate has any suggestions regarding your wedding.

You will want to share your vision with the candidate, and ask them plenty of questions regarding many things. You should ask how experienced the candidate is, and how many weddings they tend to service on average. Ask them about their polices on special menu items per customer request and special plates for certain diets such as kosher, halal, and vegetarian. You will want to be comfortable with this candidate, and foresee yourself trusting them with possibly the most important detail of the entire wedding. If anything gives you the impulse to vomit, may it be food or their personality, do not consider the candidate. You will want to ask for a sample invoice so you can easily compare candidates against each other.

Once you feel you have the right candidate, and have done all the deliberation you think you can handle, then write up a contract, and have both parties sign. Once you place the deposit, you can just daydream for the rest of the process about how absolutely delicious that chicken cutlet is going to be!

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