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Its time to order your dream wedding cake. We realize you probably have more questions than answers. There are so many choices and options open to you. There are some top echelon cake makers in the Grand Rapids area and they can provide you with the highest customer service anywhere. But before you pick one out of the hundreds of options, you will want to ask some questions and have some answered in order to point you in the right direction.

The first thing you will want to do is look at a lot of cakes. It doesn't matter the source, look everywhere: magazines, web pages, books, bakeries. When you see anything you really like, cut it our or print it out and start a folder. Keep in mind that the things you place inside of your folder doesn't have to be a picture of a cake, it can be a swatch of a color or design motif as well. You are looking for anything that inspires you. When you have your folder filled, you will want to bring it to any consultation you go to with a potential cake maker.

Each candidate you meet with will be able to show you designs they have done or other designs that might spark something in you that you had not considered for your wedding day. Don't be afraid to explore various options, talk to the candidate about mixing two different styles that you like. In the end, you want something that is tailored to you and has a unique feel.

You will be able to taste samples at your consultation. You want to make sure that you taste everything that will be a part of your wedding cake. That means the cake, the frosting, any filings, and decorative elements. Don't limit yourself to the traditional vanilla and chocolate unless your heart is set on it. A lot of people are thinking outside the box like never before. Wedding cakes are being designed and baked that have every color of the rainbow and that has multiple flavors as well. The options in terms of shapes and sizes are many and varied. Again, consider something unique and creative if that is what you are into. There is even a trend towards something called wedding cupcakes. These can be arranged in any number of ways so your guests can help themselves when the mood strikes them.

When you meet for a consultation, make sure that you ask a lot of questions about the baker's qualifications. Talk about their experience, how many years they have been doing weddings, and if they can provide you with references. Talk about the baking process. When would your cake be baked? Will it all be done at once or will pieces of it be done ahead of time and frozen for later use. We suggest that you not work with any baker that tells you they will freeze a portion of your cake. Do a quick Google search on their name to see if anything negative comes up. You want to make sure you protect yourself as much as possible.

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