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Have you ever considered what you would want in a live wedding band? Most people haven't until the decision is thrust upon them. Keep in mind that a live band will be one of the largest expenses you will incur for your wedding. It is the kind of entertainment that drives a reception to new heights or makes it plunge to the depths. You want to make sure you get the greatest value for your money. So, we are sure you have questions and you should. Here are some answers in the form of what questions you should ask of any potential wedding band that you consider.

One of the main questions you will have is how much is a reasonable amount to pay for a live wedding band? The cost can really vary depending on a number of factors. The number of musicians in the band, the number of hours that you want them to play, how far the band has to drive, and what time of the year it is all weigh in on the cost. You will want to educate yourself a bit on on bands. Keep in mind that the core pieces of a band include the vocalist, drums, bass, keyboard, and guitar. There are usually pieces that can be added to this, but most bands will refuse to cut into the core group. In terms of playing time, most receptions are around four hours long. More than likely the band you are considering has a package that includes four hours. If you think you will go over this number, make sure you understand how much overtime is going to cost you. Also, keep in mind that setup time will cost you as well and that is not figured into the four hours.

You will want to ask what kind of music the band is good at playing. They should be really good at a wide variety of styles if they are a good wedding band. Your guests will be a cross section of society and its good to have a mixture of different kinds of music. Any professional band should be open to learning a couple of special requests from you. Other than that, the band should be able to show you a setlist that you will want to go over carefully. If there are songs on the list that you absolutely hate, then ask if they can provide substitutes or if you can.

One key word you will want to use when talking with a potential band is continuous. Will they provide continuous music at your reception? There are set times when they may need to provide what is called recorded listening music. For instance, when they take breaks and when the food courses are being served, eaten, and cleared. This takes some coordination with the wedding venue, but a professional and experienced wedding band will understand this.

Lastly, you need to decide if you want to feed the band or not. In most cases, you are not required to, but you might want to do so in order to keep them happy and playing well. Considering the overall cost of your wedding, this is probably a small price to pay. Once you decide the above questions, you are well on your way to booking the live band that will have your reception rocking for hours.

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